Medical Educational Courses

On this page I will present a set of links to that contain professional information on Human Anatomy, Physiology, Pathology, Infectious Diseases, etc.


There is so much published content that is already available on a academic level that every student should never miss this video's for his or her study. Seminars will cost a lot of money, while the information is already available for free. The presentations I selected are chosen strictly on quality of contents and educational style of presentation.


1. Human Anatomy and Physiology - Contains a list of 26 medical info video's, presented by

2. Medical Microbiology - Contains a list of essential knowledge on bacteria, viruses and fungi. Presented by Edward Kerschen.

3. Virology Lectures 2019 - Contains a list of 23 lectures on viruses, presented by Prof. Vincent Racaniello at the Columbia University

4. Microscopy Course - Contains a list of 70 episodes of introduction into historic and modern high-tech microscopy techniques, presented by iBiology

5. Lectures on Parasitology - Contains a fantastic list of 47 professional lectures on parasitic infections. Protozoa, worms from all over the world. Presented by Dickson Despommier and Daniel Griffin

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