Medical Educational Courses

On this page I will present a set of links to that contain professional information on Human Anatomy, Physiology, Pathology, Infectious Diseases, etc.


There is so much published content that is already available on a academic level that every student should never miss this video's for his or her study. Seminars will cost a lot of money, while the information is already available for free. The presentations I selected are chosen strictly on quality of contents and educational style of presentation.


1. Human Anatomy and Physiology - Contains a list of 26 medical info video's, presented by

2. Medical Microbiology - Contains a list of essential knowledge on bacteria, viruses and fungi. Presented by Edward Kerschen.

3. Virology Lectures 2021 - Contains a list of 23 lectures on viruses, presented by Prof. Vincent Racaniello at the Columbia University

The contents of this series of lectures on virology is outstanding. After seeing a number of lectures I decided to order the books from the authors. Wow, that is amazing. The lectures come with a blog that describes the progress of the lectures, tells the connections to the chapters, download study questions, download the slides and blog articles. Please take a look at Racianello's Website to find all supporting info. The nice thing is that you can follow a real virology course at academic level simply by watching the Youtube lectures for free and buy the collection of the 2 books. Today we need this info to understand the facts behind the pandemic.

4. Microscopy Course - Contains a list of 70 episodes of introduction into historic and modern high-tech microscopy techniques, presented by iBiology

5. Lectures on Parasitology - Contains a fantastic list of 47 professional lectures on parasitic infections. Protozoa, worms from all over the world. Presented by Dickson Despommier and Daniel Griffin.

The authors also want us to follow the course together with their book. In this case the Youtube lectures are for free, but on their website Education for Parasitic Diseases | Parasites Without Borders they also offer the book for free as a downloadable PDF that can be printed on your home printer. Thanks to the authors this course is also an offer to follow a academic level course on parasitology.

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