Seminar Schedule

Due to the corona pandemic we stepped over to do courses ONLINE with Zoom.

Zoom is Online Meeting software that will connect you automatically.

After registration to the course you will receive the link by mail or WhatsApp.

I will give slide presentations, give discussions, give opportunity for questioning and answering.

Nice option is to create a recording of the session, that will be made available later for personal replay only.

You will recieve an invitation and link after admission to the course.

Default setting in Zoom is when logging in you will enter the waiting room, before you will be allowed to enter the course.


Due to the corona lockdown I decided to invest more time to courses to help students to develop their own insight and practical setup for treating themselves and / or their friends.


For testing purposes and logon the sessions will be open at 9.30 hrs - Amsterdam Time

All course times: 10.00 - 17.00 hrs - Amsterdam Time

before you continue please take a look at my free course page

This page contains about 25 hrs of study especially to help students gettings themselves introduced to the complex study of Quantum Biology, Frequency therapy, digitizing and transmitting biological signals. All from the public domain and a short introduction on the topic.


INHOUSE 2 daagse cursus ElectroAcupuntuur volgens Voll (EAV) op de BIcom

Vrijdag 9 april en vrijdag 16 april - 10.00 - 17.00 uur Nederlandstalig

Lokatie in de praktijk: De Run 17 in Best

5 Elementenleer volgens de Traditionele Chinese Medicijnen (TCM)

Meridiaan systemen

Traditionele meridianen

Voedende en remmende cyclus

Toegevoegde meridianen van Voll

Electro metingen aan acupunctuur punten

Prioriteiten bepalen

meten van toepasbaarheid van Bicom programma's

Meten met ampullen

Zelf ampullen maken

Testen van voedingsintoleranties en inhalatie stoffen

Combinaties van technieken zoals de Hunter of de Scalar en Plasma device

Prijs 150,00 euro Ex BTW per dag


ONLINE Starters Workshop Spooky2 - Deutsch

Da ich persönlich ein Fan der Raymond Rife-Techniken bin, habe ich vor ungefähr 25 Jahren angefangen, mit selbstgemachten Zappern zu experimentieren. Seitdem habe ich verschiedene Maschinen wie Bicom, Hunter und seit 5 Jahren auch Spooky mit Erfolg ausprobiert.

Seit 2 Jahren erhielt ich so viele E-Mails mit Anfragen, Menschen bei ihrem Spooky2-Setup- und Behandlungsprotokoll zu helfen, dass ich mich entschied, Kurse in Holland zu geben. Jetzt, nachdem die Koronakrise aufgetreten war, konnten die Schüler den Ort nicht erreichen wahrend den Lockdown, also begann ich ONLINE damit. Speziell für die Spooky User habe ich für diesen Workshop eine ermäßigte Gebühr von 80,00 Euro inkl. Gesetzl. Mehrwertsteuer pro Tag.

Freitag 7 Mai 2021 - 10.00 -17.00 hrs Deutsch gesprochen

Einführung in die Frequenztherapie

Royal Rife History, Hulda Clark research

Spooky2 Generator XM

Spooky2 Generator X

Spooky Plasma

Spooky Scalar

Miramar VUV Flash

Spooky Software

Wellenformen für verschiedene Therapieoptionen

The settings Page

Creating own programs

Preis: 80,00 euros incl. 21% MWT


ONLINE Advanced User Workshop Spooky2 - Deutsch

Freitag 14 Mai 2021 - 10.00 - 17.00 hrs Deutsch gesprochen

Voraussetzung: um diesem Kurs zu folgen: Starters Workshop Spooky2. Dies ist notwendig, da wir uns eingehender mit Theorie und Praxis der Spooky2-Tools und -Techniken befassen werden.

Die folgenden Punkte werden diskutiert und demonstriert:

Heart Rate Variability

Biofeedback scanning

GeneratorX contact scan

Spooky Sample Digitizer

Molecular Weight conversion

Spooky Scalar Digitizer

Grade Scan

Hunt and Kill scan

Digital, analogue, molecular modulation

Creating complex waveforms

Creating your own Programs and Presets

Preis: 100 Euros incl. 21% MWT


ONLINE Seminar Scalar Waves - English

May 21,  2021 - 10.00 - 17.00 hrs

Transversal and longitudinal waves

Konstantin Meyl's theories

Rediscovery of Nikola Tesla

The Scalar Set of Konstantin Meyl

Bicom Bioresonance Therapy

Multi Wave Oscillator

Spooky Scalar

Spooky Remote

Spooky Plasma

Hunter Metapathia / Oberon / NLS

This course discusses the modern technical methods of research, conclusions, and options for treatment

Price: 125,00 euros inclusive VAT. 


Do yourself a favour and study the following books (books not included in the course):

Konstantin Meyl - "DNA and Cell Resonance" from

Konstantin Meyl - "Dokumentation zur Skalarwellentechnik Teil 1"

Konstantin Meyl - "Dokumentation zur Skalarwellentechnik Teil 2"



ONLINE 4 DAYS Course Live Blood Analysis

Session1: Thursday and Friday, 27 and 28 May, 2021.

Physiology and pathology of bloodcells.

Cell types and their differentiation

Theory of monomorphic bacteria.

Theory of pleomorphic bacteria.

Electronmicroscopy proves the pleomorphic nature of bacteria

Darkfield follows the morphological cellular decay

Learning to see differences in images


Session 2:Thursday and Friday, 3 and 4 June, 2021.

Pleomorhism according to Enderlein,

Bicom therapy,

Orthomolecular therapy,

Sanum therapy.

Discussion of archive pictures.

Discussion of cases from practice.


This is a course of 4 full days starting from 10.00 hours - 17.00 hours

Price for 4 days is 800,00 euros inclusive VAT.

Do yourself a favor and read the (Kindle version only, not included in the course) of the book of

Lida Mattman - "Stealth Pathogens - Cell Wall Deficient Bacteria"


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