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The materials on this page are links to other public domain websites, mainly on Youtube. There are a lot of documentaries on the web that are very interesting. There is so much, that it will cost some effort to find the documentation that really makes a difference. The videos listed on this page are really scientific productions, so don't expect the normal personal opinions. Please view the materials in the following order in this page if you are new to the subject. It will help you to find the amazing answers to fundamental questions. Please click on the links or the pictures to find the documentation. The materials presented will take around 24 hours of self-study.

Lesson 1: Does water have a memory

Jaques Benveniste was ridiculed on this theme worldwide, due to mistakes he made with the setup of the test.

1. Read the "Water Memory" article on Wikipedia. You will see that the current opinion is to ridiculize this idea.
But the story continues. We will see in the next step a video with unexpected situations. Strange effects of unseen properties of ‘simple’ water. Water drops that are drying will form patterns that depend on the person or additives. Water that forms an electric pathway when a certain voltage is applied. Water purification techniques built on electromagnetic frequencies. They confirm that there is less rust in the pipes. Bread bakeries confirm that improved water qualities did support the quality of the yeast cultures and bread.

2. Now: Watch the Youtube documentary video: “The memory of water.” Runtime about 48 minutes. This documentary is produced with scientific background information. No predefined opinions, but solid conclusions.

3. Watch the Youtube documentary on the magnetic structure in water molecules. It has effect on everything that contains water, like our body and ofcourse our brain. In this film the colours on fishskins can change, depending on the influence of frequencies in water. Amazing film! This video tell us about the miraculous technology and its Unbelievable positive impacts on biology. Even fish change their colors.

Magnetic Water DocumentaryWater the most important and basic element on planet earth.

Lesson 2: Can we transfer DNA through a wire

 The next step is a another documentary about Prof. Luc Montagnier. As we have seen in the previous lesson, water has memory. Luc Montagnier goes a step further. There was a war on the effectiveness of homeopathic dilutions in the media. Homeopathy was rejected as nonsense, because of the absence of any molecules of the original substance in the extreme dilutions. Montagnier did the following. He isolates a pathogen, lets say a virus. Than he makes a series of dilutions and does a test on electrical emissions. Surprisingly enough he is able to digitize the signal in dilutions like D6 ~ D12. The signal was above the noise ratio. Which means already a triumph. Jaques Benveniste was tricked by a magician for the same idea. Worldwide the homeopathy was put under the blanket of stupidity.

But Luc Montagnier comes with a revenge, and goes a few steps further. He was not only able to analyze the virus signal in the dilutions. He digitizes the signal and electronically sends the signal over the internet to another laboratory. They resonate the signal into a new tube filled with water and inject it into the cellular tissue in the petri disc. The cells begin to reproduce the original viral DNA. When put under the ultimate test he brings the sample of the tissue in the PCR machine to identify the DNA fingerprint and finds the DNA of the original virus. The signal can run over the internet. Scientific fact. Conclusion: water can resonate in extremely small water clusters, saves the signal in the memory and triggers the cellular production machinery for the recreation of proteins and DNA. We lost a very intelligent person when he died in 2022.

Now watch the Youtube video: "The Memory of Water - by Prof. Luc Montagnier"This is really a MUST see.

Lesson 3: Are we biological systems that listen to Quantum Mechanics

Photosynthesis is depending on Quantum biology. The vision in the eye, the magneto reception in animals, enzyme activity or the odor sensibility are under suspicion of quantum biology. Sharks can detect the electromagnetic field of a very weak signal, like the electrical pulse of the heart of their prey. The weakness of the signal is less than one millionth of a volt. They can also detect changes in the geomagnetic field.

1. Read the 9 pages document of the Bennington University on "The Sharks Electric Sense" .
2. Read the NCBI document about the "Sharks can detect changes in the geomagnetic field" .

Did you see StarTrek? Doctor McCoy can heal someone in a minute with a remote control. Nonsens you would say. But a new dimension in the science is telling us that biological systems are under control of quantum mechanics. Albert Einstein, Max Planck, Niels Bohr, Erwin Schrödinger and other scientists of the last century did remarkable discoveries. Matter has a wave function. 

3. A particle can be at multiple locations at the same time. If you change the property of a particle, the property of the entangled will change at the same time mirror imaged. At the same time anywhere in the universe means: faster than the speed of light.

Now you are ready to watch the Youtube documentary film on "Quantum Biology"

Professor of physics Jim Al-Khalili.

Lesson 4: Can EMF's damage your brain

Yes they can. See for yourself: The microscope shows the damage in research of a brain surgeon Dr. Leif Salford. Watch that video. If not convinced, please continue with the talk of PhD. Olle Johansson. Dr. Leif Salford shows the braindamage in rats after exposure of EMF. The amazing point however is not that the damage is related to the high level of signal strength, but in the level of a few milliwats/kilograms of bodyweight.  exposure.

Even more scary is the interview with former British agent MI5 PhD. Barry Trowers. He explains that there exists a list of dangerous frequencies that can make people tired, sick or even into a total psychic breakdown. Athletes can be influenced by giving them a frequency that stimulates adrenalin. Want to know more? Watch it! Runtime 1.09 hours. Click on the picture to watch.

Lesson 5: Do "biophotons" really exist

In a short answer: "Yes they do". The first discoverer of the photonic activities of living cells was Alexander Gavrilovich Gurwitsch (see Wikipedia) living from 1874 to 1954. His work was ridiculed for a long time, but time rehabilitated him. In the Netherlands there is a laboratory with the name "Meluna Research". See this site:  Leading researcher is Roel van Wijk. He makes photographs with extremely sensitive camera's in the absolute dark. The camera's registrate the light of growing plants, animals and humans. Hands will light up at the fingertips like candles. The title of his book is: "Light in shaping life - Biophotons in Biology and Medicine" and is available at This book gives the scientific support of the idea of Bioresonance. Bioresonance is the therapeutic implementation of frequencies that support health.  It represents the enormous research work done and even compaired to the price of a single seminar day it is a bargain. 

Lesson 6: There is a long history of research related to Electromagnetic Therapy

 There is a well documented list of research that was already done in history. Please go to the following link. The Integrity Research Institute documents historical facts on the topic of inventors that created machines with the aim of curing people. There problem in most cases is that a frequency cannot be patented, so the industry is not interested and prefers to forget the data discovered. One of the persons that really was a genius, was: Royal Raymond Rife. Wikipedia has the following to say about Rife.
"Royal Raymond Rife (May 16, 1888 – August 5, 1971) was an American inventor and early exponent of high-magnification time-lapse microphotography. In the 1930s, he claimed that by using a specially designed optical microscope, he could observe microbes which were too small to visualize with previously existing technology. Rife also reported that a 'beam ray' device, based on plasma techniques, of his invention could weaken or destroy the pathogens by energetically exciting destructive resonances in their constituent chemicals. Rife's claims could not be independently replicated, and were discredited by independent researchers during the 1950s." On Youtube a very interesting video was published on the story of Royal Raymond Rife. 


 I noticed that a lot of info on Royal Raymond Rife is recently deleted from Youtube. With the help of the newly discovered archives, the complete story could be reconstructed. Please watch this documentory film and draw your own conclusions. Original documentation video material can be ordered from Some other historic video material on Youtube is the next link

May be this film needs some extra explanation. In the 1920's the discimination between viruses and bacteria was made with a filter. Ceramic filters with pores of 0.5 micrometer or smaller were used to filter the culture fluid. Viruses are normally smaller than these pores and are isolated from bacteria that do not pass the pores. Not knowing the nature of these viruses they simply called them 'filterable particles'. Because Rife did really build his own microscope that was more powerful than the current microscopes, he saw that bacteria in his lab did develop under specific conditions these filterable particles. After isolation he injected rats with these filterable particles and they got the same diseases as when injected with the normal variants of the same bacteria. He did the same procedure with cancer. He isolated from malignant tissue cells the filterable particles and injected them again in other rats. They developed the same cancer.

The good thing however, is that he also built a plasma device that emitted radio frequencies. Adjusting to a specific frequency killed the germs as seen under the microscope. He noted the corresponding frequency for the type of bacteria and that list is still to be found on the web: He did a test with 16 terminal patients; irradiated them for 5 minutes three times a week with his machine and they all recovered after 4 months. Nobody can ask for a patent on a frequency, so that is were the story ends. He got problems with the AMA, because he did not want to pay for advertisements. The final result was that he was expelled from the medical society and did die in poverty, frustrated and addicted to alcohol.

Lesson 7: Everything in our body is processed electronically

A long time ago a video was showed in a tv program on cancer. Scientists filmed under the microscope the bloodflow in a bloodvessel surrounding a tumour. The radioactive labelled chemomolecules could be followed on the screen to see how they destroy the tumour. What we saw was shocking. The chemomolecules took a long way around the tumour without touching it. It was as if an electrostatic charge from the tumour cells repelled the chemo. After passing the tumour they followed the bloodflow again as normal; in the middle of the vessel. Only around the tumour they took the most distant route to avoid contact. This effect is now seen as chemorepulsion; see the article on Wikipedia: Like we hear in Startrek Dr. Spock saying: "Scotty shields up".

Available on

Dr. Robert O. Becker wrote a book on his findings as a surgeon with the title: "The Body Electric". It is available in nearly all bookstores. Becker found that regeneratiion of a wound is stimulated by the electical influence of nerves. He saw that salamanders can regenerate a lost limb in a short time. But after cutting the nerve endings no regeneration took place. When connecting a microampere current from a miniature battery, regeneration was restored. In one of the chapters Becker proves that bones react the same as piezoelectric cystals under bending forces. Amazing stuff.

Lesson 8: Especially our Brain can listen to Quantum Field effects via our microtubuli

Theoretical physicist Roger Penrose and anaesthesiologist Stuart Hameroff collaborated to produce the theory known as Orchestrated Objective Reduction (Orch-OR). Penrose and Hameroff initially developed their ideas separately and later collaborated to produce Orch-OR in the early 1990s. (follow the links to Wikipedia) Formerly they were ridiculized, but recently they found more evidence for their theories.
All cells, and especially neuron cells have microtubuli that are built in a configuration that makes them coherent and programmable by frequencies. Click on the picture.

See his discussion on microtubuli programming


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