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Seminar Agenda

All seminars will be held online via Zoom. Zoom is an online video conferencing tool that can be used to meet virtually over an internet connection. The Zoom app is available for download on PC, Android and Apple devices. You can download the Zoom app on this link

Once you have registered for the seminar you will receive a Meeting link ID either by email or WhatsApp. Simply click the link and you will be connected automatically. The seminar is interactive, questions are welcome. As an added bonus, a video recording of the course will be made available to you for personal use only. It will be not allowed to share course or seminar contents with others or the internet. The seminar sessions can be accessed from 9:30 AM  (Amsterdam Time) for login and testing purposes.
All courses will be held between 10.00 – 17:00 (Amsterdam Time)

How to register: simply click the contact page and fill in the your message.

Zoom ONLINE Seminar Sessies 


Wegens de verwachte aanmeldingen zal deze ronde in het NL worden gegeven.

Studenten die reeds eerder de cursus hebben gevolgd mogen de 2e ronde gratis aandokken.

Hunter Metapathia - DAY 1 - Thursday 21 March 2024

Hunter Metapathia - DAY 2 - Thursday 28 March 2024

Hunter Metapathia - DAY 3 - Thursday 11 April 2024

Hunter Metapathia - DAY 4 - Thursday 18 April 2024

Hunter Metapathia - DAY 5 - Thursday 25 April 2024

My good working Hunter comes from If you decide to buy your system elsewhere, I cannot guarantee that the software and/or hardware is the same. I did choose the complete solution all-in-one Touchscreen PC, with built-in Windows, hardware and preinstalled English Hunter software. In case you decide for a USB box you have to install and setup your system yourself on your own laptop. On an older Windows 7 you will have the least issues. Windows 10 or higher is possible, but somewhat more tricky to install.

A good idea is to email with Suyzeko before you buy, mention my courses and send them my regards. That gives you the option to bargain for a good price. Its the way that Chinese companies work. Tip: include the Black NLS Box in your practice for remote testing and treatment.

Day 1 - Introduction of the techniques in use

Setup of the hardware and software
How to start scanning
Explanation of the detected curves
The meaning of the entropy values

Price: 150,00 euros incl. VAT for 1 day

Day 2 - Options for different treatment techniques

The Local Isoline
The Black Box, the reprinter 
Relationships between organ systems
Digestive System

Price: 150,00 euros incl. VAT for 1 day

Day 3 - The Nervous system

Day 4 - The Skeleton

Intracellular testing
Autonomic Nervous System
Vegetative Nervous System
Senses and Sensors
Neuro Pathologies
Brain Pathologies
Degenerative Disorders
Price: 150,00 euros incl. VAT for 1 day

Bone cells
Cartilage Cells
Blood Production
Blood Pathologies
The Vertebrae
The Spine
Price: 150,00 euros incl. VAT for 1 day

Day 5 - The Hormonal System

Exocrine System
Endocrine System
Cellular Receptors
Receptor UP regulation / DOWN regulation
Pituitary / Thyroid / Organ activity
Pancreatic System
Adrenal System
Reproduction System
Price: 150,00 euros incl. VAT for 1 day

    Een NL cursus van 6 lesdagen Microbiologie: 


De cursus Microbiologie  is een 6-daagse serie, waarin  bacteriën, schimmels, virussen, parasieten, moderne biotechnologie en toxicologie worden behandeld. Deze serie is heel interessant voor therapeuten die meer willen weten over pathogenen en de mogelijkheden voor therapie. 

Nieuw in deze serie is Dag 5 de moderne biotechnologie, zoals bijvoorbeeld productie van voedsel  en vaccinaties. Het is niet noodzakelijk de hele serie te volgen.  Ook Dag 6 is heel informatief voor diegenen die detoxprogramma's willen samenstellen. 

Alle dagen kunnen afzonderlijk gevolgd worden als losstaande lesdag. De cursus zal via Zoom gegeven worden. Na afloop ontvangt de student de recording op video voor een persoonlijke replay. Aanmelden via de contactpagina.

Vrijdag  - 2 Februari 2024 - Microbiologie - Dag 1 

     Schimmels - Prijs: 150 euro incl BTW

Vrijdag - 9 februari 2024 - Microbiologie - Dag 2 

       Parasieten - Prijs: 150 euro incl BTW

Vrijdag - 1 maart 2024 - Microbiologie - Dag 3 

      Bacterien - Prijs: 150 euro incl BTW

Vrijdag - 8 Maart 2024 - Microbiologie - Dag 4

      Virussen - Prijs: 150 euro incl BTW

Vrijdag - 22 Maart 2024 - Microbiologie - Dag 5

      Moderne Biotechnologie - Prijs: 150 euro incl BTW

Vrijdag - 29 Maart 2024 - Microbiologie - Dag 6 

       Toxicologie - Prijs: 150 euro incl BTW

ONLINE 6 Day Course: Live Blood Analysis with the Darkfield Microscope via Zoom.

Live Blood Analysis 

Price for 6 days is 980,00 euros inclusive BTW / VAT.

Day 1 - Friday 19 January 2024 

Day 2 - Friday 16 February 2024

Day 3 - Friday 15 March 2024

Day 4 - Friday 12 April 2024

Day 5 - Thursday 2 May 2024

Day 6 - Friday 3 May 2024

This course learns you whats to see in a drop of blood.



To practice dark field microscopy needs of course a good microscope. The best one for a reasonable price is the Optika B510 DK.  This microscope makes together with the photo adapter and a digital camera excellent pictures.

For those that would like to follow the course: The book of Lida Mattman; "Stealth Patogens - Cell Wall Deficient Bacteria" is an eye opener. A lot of attention to this book is included in the course. See the Literature page on this website.

Day 1 - Microbiology, Physiology and pathology of blood cells. Standard morphology of bacteria. 

Day 2 - Theory of pleomorphic bacteria, cell wall deficient bacteria

Day 3 - Discussion of Picture Archive,  Learning to see differences in images

Day4 - Theory of Enderlein, Lyme Disease, Electron Microscopy.

Day 5 - Bicom therapy, Orthomolecular therapy, Sanum therapy, Frequency therapy, intra-cellular testing

Day 6 - Cases, Discussion of Pictures, Preparation to the Online Exam.

Zoom ONLINE Workshops for Spooky2 users 

Spooky2 Starters Workshop - Thursday 4 April 2024


Spooky2 Advanced Workshop - Friday 5 April 2024



Because I personally am a fan of the Raymond Rife techniques, I started to experiment with self-made zappers around 25 yrs ago. Since than I tried different machines, like Bicom, Hunter, and since 7 years also Spooky, with success. Since 2 years I got so many emails with requests to help people with their Spooky2 setup and a treatment protocol that I decided to start giving courses in Holland. Now, since the corona crisis came across, the students could not reach the location, so I started to do it ONLINE. Especially for the Spooky home users I have a reduced fee for Spooky Workshops of 100,00 euros incl. VAT per day.


DAY 1 -  Starters Workshop Spooky2


Introduction to frequency therapy
Royal Rife History, Hulda Clark research
Spooky2 Generator XM
Spooky2 Generator X
Spooky Plasma
Installing Software
Spooky Software
The Presets Tab
The Programs Tab
The Settings Tab
The Control Tab
Price: 100,00 euros incl. VAT for 1 day



DAY 2 - Advanced Workshop Spooky

Heart Rate Variability
Biofeedback scanning
GeneratorX contact scan
Spooky Sample Digitizer scan
Molecular Weight conversion
Spooky Scalar Digitizer scan
Making a Grade Scan
Hunt and Kill scan
Digital, analogue, molecular modulation
Creating complex waveforms
Creating your own Programs and Presets
Price: 100,00 euros incl. VAT for 1 day


Historic and Modern Research on Biophotons

Seminar on Biophotons

Bestudering van dit boek verdient aanbeveling.

Vrijdag 19 April 2024

Historical Research
Modern Research
Quantum Biology
Detection methods in modern times
Emission and absorbtion spectra
The infrared spectrum
Design of the experiments
Health and biophoton emission
How the Bicom and Hunter fit in the theoretical frame

Prijs: 150,00 Euro per dag incl. BTW

Historical and Modern research on Scalar Waves

Seminar on Scalar waves

Bestudering van dit boek verdient aanbeveling

Vrijdag 26 April 2024

Transversal and longitudinal waves
Konstantin Meyl's theories: the vortex physics
Rediscovery of Nikola Tesla
Effect on physics and cosmology
The Scalar Set of Konstantin Meyl
Results of experiments with the Scalar set of K. Meyl
Bicom Bioresonance Therapy
Multi Wave Oscillator
Spooky Scalar 
Spooky Remote
Spooky Plasma
Hunter Metapathia  infrared therapy

Prijs: 150,00 Euro per dag incl. BTW


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