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Scalar Waves: a forgotten science

(Nikola Tesla, source: wikipedia)

Scalar Waves don't exist.  That is to say: not in mainstream science. Scalar waves were proposed by Nikola Tesla. Before 1900, Nikola Tesla had discovered and was utilizing a new type of electric wave. Tesla repeatedly stated his waves were non-Hertzian but longitudinal, and his wireless transmissions did not fall off as the square of the distance.  His discovery was apparently so fundamental (and his intent to provide free energy to all humankind was so clear) that it was responsible for the withdrawal of his financial backing, his deliberate isolation, and the gradual removal of his name from the history books. (Source:

For a long time scalar waves were ridiculed as nonsense. Hertz had shown that electromagnetic waves were transversal. So the existence of longitudinal scalar waves was rejected by the scientific community as a mistake. However in quantum mechanics a wave can be described as both a wave and also as a particle. Both are true, depending on the nature of the detection equipment. The same is true regarding scalar waves and transversal waves, depending on the way how the detectors are built.

Differences of transversal and longitudinal waves

Transversal waves: 90 degrees phase angle with direction of propulsion, speed of light, illustration: waves on surface of water.
Longitudinal waves: same direction as direction of propulsion, variable speed even beyond speed of light, illustration: compression waves like sound waves. Sound speed increases with the density of the medium: 340 m/s in air, but 1481 m/s in water.

In earthquakes the same will happen: transversal waves occur at the surface of the earth, while compression waves threspass the core at higher speed than the transversal waves. A combination of both can happen at the same location.
Prof. Konstantin Meyl from Germany rediscovered the scalar waves. In his books he can prove mathematically that Tesla was right, and that Hertz was also right. A new type that Meyl discovered was that there is not only an electrical scalar wave, but also a magnetic scalar wave. Prof. K. Meyl was also rejected by the scientific community, until 2009, when the magnetic monopoles were discovered, which was one of the things that was predicted by the vortex theory of Prof. Meyl. Today his books are studied by the new generation of scientists.

K. Meyl did another project to give students the equipment to do experiments. He sells in his webshop  the components that exist of a frequency generator, a resonance circuit and a miniature Tesla coil to generate a scalar wave. In a few Youtube videos K. Meyl discusses the option of biological purposes for the Tesla equipment inclusive the medical effects. The same setup is available at the website for a reasonable price.

 source: K. Meyl.  

It is easy to see that in nature electrons move freely in a circular motion inside some types of molecules, like inside the pi orbitals in a benzene ring. These kind of rings are the motor of scalar waves in our DNA.

Strange effects in phyiscs that need new explanations: Spinning objects create torsion fields

Polarised laserbeams with the same rotation direction attract each other (kind of gravity?), opposite rotation directions repel each other (kind of anti-gravity?). see the link to PubMed.

Some researchers already studied anomalies in the gravitation field. When rotating gyroscopes are falling, they consistenly found deviations of the gravitational forces depending on rotation direction, rotation speed and direction of gravitation. Torsion fields can be the force behind "dark matter": see the following Arxiv document: Torsion, an alternative to dark matter. What is a torsion field? It is the field around a rotating object, so that the field lined become curved around the object. The sun and other stars normally rotate, the electric and magnetic field lines become twisted and produce a curved space and time around them.

Torsion creates a vortex, but a vortex has 2 components that mutually enforce each other. Compare the fluid forces in a centrifuge: the highest velocity exists on the outer ring, so the force is pointing to the most outer ring. But the fluid around a rotating solid object has his highest velocity at the most inner ring and creates a compression force pointing to the center. Imagine what would happen when we combine the two. The result would be an expansion force from the center to the ring, and a contracting force from outside, pointing to the center. That will help to understand why in the quantum mechanics particles have dual properties: Wave AND particle, where wave stands for expansion and particle stands for contraction. That is the reason why the lightning creates conducting plasma tubes; it is a contracting vortex.

A conclusion we can draw from this vortex-antivortex combination is that matter can be seen as a ring-like structure. In 1867 already Lord Kelvin proposed the (forgotten) idea that atoms are vortex rings. Konstantin Meyl published in his books that the neutrino is a vortex ring. The particle oscillates between electron and anti-electron, which causes the masses to cancel out to zero. Therefor he predicts that the neutrino can have a speed larger than the speed of light. If they are faster than the speed of light, they can escape from a black hole and make a black hole to a white hole.

This theory can give an answer to the question: What kind of force is the major force in the universe? Gravity or electro-magnetic force? The electromagnetic force is a factor 10 to the power of 39 stronger than gravity. While the whole cosmological society thinks that it's mainly is gravity, that did build the universe. The opposite also may be true. Electromagnetic forces can attract but also repel. One of the anomalies in the mainstream ideas about spiral galaxies is that they were thought to be differential rotating, where the arms rotate slower than the center. That is not the case. They rotate as the spokes of a wheel. The arms are in fact the magnetic field lines produced in the core. If we see the rotation as an electromagnetic dynamo than an enormous force must be created in the core with a massive contraction vortex.

I can recommend the following book on Amazon written by Halton C. Arp "Seing Red - Redshifts, Cosmology and Academic Science". His ideas were also rejected by the scientific world. He proposes that redshift is not only the product of the Doppler-effect, but also an effect of the age of matter (intrinsic redshift).  The strange reactions from colleagues finally got him dismissed from his job, his telescope time and his acceptance in writing articles in journals. That happens when you say things that are not allowed in mainstream science. How blind.

"Seeing Red" by Halton C. Arp.

Zie de link naar Amazon

When matter is born in the core of a galaxy, as a quasar, the mass is zero (K. Meyl on neutrino power?) and can have a speed above the speed of light and show a redshift a factor z=4 or z=5, much higher than the connected local galaxy. 'Connected' means that on pictures a slipstream of mass is visible between the parent galaxy and the ejected quasar. In a later stage the matter had the time to feel the gravitation attraction of surrounding matter and after slowing down the redshift changes to the local situation. The result can be that currently calculated distances are wrong with a factor 10 to 100, and luminosities with a factor up to 10,000.

James Webb Space Telescope: amazing to see is that the infra-red cameras on the JWST show a lot of heavy galaxies of (to be believed) only 100 to 200 miljon lightyears old, right after the Big Bang. That cannot be true, because the development of massive galaxies must cost billions of years. They found red-shifts of z=12 and even z=13. I would not be amazed to see that after all Halton C. Arp was right. A report from NASA, written by Prashanta Kumar Das, titled "Ejection of Quasars from Galaxies" delivers a mathematical explanation why this model can be true. Even the slowing down of quasars to smaller redshift is quantitized, like the quantum model explains about photons.

Remarkable idea is the conformity with Konstantin Meyl, related to the velocity of the scalar wave above the speed of light. Another factor is the shape of the galaxy, the contracting arms in the vortex and the ejected quasars located along the magnetic fieldlines perpendicular to the rotation plane. Exactly the same shape as the scalar waves. The ideas about vortex rings even fit in the model on Gravitation Theory, like we can find in the research paper of Valeriy Pakulin, titled: "Gravitation Vortex Model", located on Recent discoveries of symmetrical ejections from galaxies even are mentioned on Wikipedia. This suggests the creation of new matter. Who knows if this up and down streams are different in matter and anti-matter.

DNA and Scalar Waves according to Konstantin Meyl

The best location to look for documentation on scalar waves is the library of Meyl himself. A short passage from one of his texts: "DNA and Cell Biology". The electromagnetic field propagates with the speed of light on the DNA string, the electric field is pointing to the outside (expanding vortex) and delivers a force that can support the opening of the string to initiate the reading and copying process. The magnetic field is pointing along the axis of the DNA coil.

The pathlength along the DNA string is around 2.14 times longer than in the center. Because the resulting DNA path is more than twice as long as the centre path, the propagation of this field forms in the x-axis direction and results in a longitudinal wave propagating at 140,000 km/s. Based on the calculation of the sizes of the distances of the basepairs in the DNA helix this will result in a wavelength of 126 +/- 6 nm, which is in the range of UV light. This calculation is in exact correspondance with the study of Prof. F.A. Popp. He speaks of biophotons and demonstrates, using highly sensitive photomultiplier tubes, that cells do emit extremely, but measurable, weak UV light. In his book "DNA and Cell communication" Prof. K. Meyl explains that the DNA helix is wound on histones, with 2 windings per histon, and 6 histones will form a 360 degree circle. This results in a secondary winding of the magnetic field line into a scalar wave with a wavelength in the infra-red. That explains why the Magnetoscan / Hunter is very efficient and accurate, because it uses the infrared light diode to scan the human body.

Tesla had the idea, and a lot of people with him, that by using scalar waves, there could be an option for improving our health conditions. Why not build a device for that purpose? That is whaty K. Meyl did. He sells testing equipment on his website.  
A very interesting website is dedicated to the resonance phenomena in DNA: The induction of magnetic vortex fields is explained by the molecular construction of our chromosomes. 

A very interesting website is dedicated to the resonance phenomena in DNA: One of the conclusions in the papers of Prof. Max Rempel is that in the double helix structure of DNA longitudinal proton lines are found based on the purines. These lines can produce electrical fields that we can call "the biofield". The medical world is not ready for the acceptance of this branch of science. But I am conviced that time will learn to leave 'old' theories and embrace the new discoveries.

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